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MacBook Pro Hard Drive and Memory Upgrade

Published November 3rd, 2014 in Mac Repairs, Recent Repairs | No Comments »

MacBook Pro Hard Drive and Memory Upgrade2010 MacBook Pro 13.3″ Hard Drive and Memory Upgrade

Customer came in on Saturday with a 2010 MacBook Pro 13.3″. She had a 250GB Hard Drive with 4GB of memory. The customers main concern was that she was running out of space on here drive and also that the computer was not running as fast as she needed it to run.

She had already checked prices at a few other computer repair shops and also the Apple store.

The customer decided to go ahead with the repairs at our shop. We were able to upgrade here memory to 8GB and the hard drive to a 480GB Solid State Drive for $480.00 ($270.00 cheaper than what the Apple Store quoted her). In addition, the repairs were done same day and the customer was super excited to get her computer running faster and with two times more storage.

We also went ahead and backed up all her data from the old drive and also transferred it to the new drive for FREE (online special).

MacBook Pro Hard Drive and Memory Upgrade Costs:

Total Cost of Repairs: $480.00
Price Quoted by Apple Store: $750.00
Total Savings: $270.00

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