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iMac SSD Upgrade

Published September 13th, 2017 in Mac Repairs | Comments Off on iMac SSD Upgrade

iMac SSD Upgrade

Apple 21″ 2008 iMac SSD Upgrade

iMac Repair Issue:

Customer came in with a 2008 Apple iMac 21″. The iMac was running a old operating system and running super slow. Customer wanted to do a fresh install and upgrade his hard drive with a Solid State Drive.

Initial Diagnosis:

The iMac was running super slow and was running a older operating system that was making the computer run even slower.


Repair Update:

We installed a SanDisk 120GB SSD and installed a new Operating System. The Apple iMac runs faster and is upgraded to a newer operating system.

iMac SSD Upgrade Cost:

The upgrades to the iMac ended up costing the customer only $187.39 + Tax ($79.99 for the 120GB SanDisk SSD, and $100.00 for repair labor).

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