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iMac Stuck at Boot Screen Repair

Published September 8th, 2015 in Mac Repairs, Recent Repairs | No Comments »

iMac Stuck at Boot Screen RepairApple iMac 21.5 (2012) Stuck at Boot Screen – Repaired

Issue with iMac:

Customer came in with a 2012 Apple iMac 21.5″. The issue she was having with the iMac was that it would power on, but boot only half way and would be stuck at that screen. Occasionally it would power on, go to a screen with a circle and a line through it, then the Apple logo and would do that in a loop.

The customers most important concern is to not loose her children’s photos that are stored on the iMac. We will start our diagnosis and also update this post with our findings.


iMac Stuck at Boot Screen RepairInitial Diagnosis:

We powered on the iMac to find exactly the same issue the customer did. It would initially power on to the Apple logo, then the circle with a line through it, then would start loading the OS, but would get stuck half way through.

Nonetheless, we attempted to repair the disk permissions via the Disk Utility, but that didn’t fix the issue. We will try to backup as much of the customers data as possible, wipe the drive clean and install a fresh copy of Yosemite.

Repair Update:

We were able to successfully backup close to 50GB of photos. We wiped the drive clean, installed a new operating system and restored all the data. Moreover, the customer picked up her computer the next day and was thrilled to have her iMac back with her kids pictures still on there.

Total Cost of Repairs:

In conclusion, the repairs ended up costing the customer only $140.00.

Breakdown of Charges:

  • Data Backup: $80.00
  • Repair Labor: $60.00

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