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MacBook Hard Drive Failed Blinking Question Mark Data Recovery

Published August 19th, 2015 in Data Recovery, Mac Repairs, Recent Repairs | No Comments »

MacBook Hard Drive Failed Blinking Question Mark Data RecoveryApple MacBook Hard Drive Failed Blinking Question Mark – Data Recovered

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a 2009 MacBook Pro 13.3”. The MacBook would power on to a blinking question mark. The customer hadn’t backed up any of her data and was worried that everything was going to be lost.

She also said that at times she could here the drive making some clicking sounds.

MacBook Hard Drive Failed Blinking Question Mark Data RecoveryInitial Diagnosis:

We attempted to power on the MacBook and got the same issue the customer did. Laptop would power on to a blinking folder. We couldn’t hear any clicking sounds.

We checked the logic board to make sure there wasn’t any liquid damage (there was none). In addition, we also checked the hard drive ribbon cable to make sure the issue wasn’t a hardware problem with the MacBook (the ribbon was working just fine).

Furthermore, we also tried to repair the disk permissions with Disk Utility, but our attempts were unsuccessful. Our technicians will remove the hard drive and test it externally for physical or logical damage.

Repair Update:

After further tests on the hard drive, we found that the issue with the drive was that it had over 100,000 bad sectors on it. We used our disk imagers to recover the data from the damaged drive. Our disk imagers were able to successfully recover 99.999% of the customers data.

The customer had provided us a brand new hard drive to install in the MacBook. We installed the new hard drive along with the newest Mac Operating System. We restored all the recovered files back onto the MacBook. The customer had her computer back in 4 days with all of her data.

Total Cost of Repairs:

The repairs ended up costing $300 (Flat Rate Recovery Fee).

What to do if you find yourself in this situation:

If your Mac powers on to a blinking question mark, first thing you can try to do to fix the issue would be to repair the disk permission using Disk Utility. If this doesn’t work, the issue is either a hardware problem with the Mac or the drive is physically or logically damaged and would require a Professional Data Recovery company to recover the data.

Once you get your MacBook back up and working, its always best to make sure you backup all your data at least once a week via Time Machine Backup.

Also, keep in mind that most hard drives have a life expectancy of 4-7 years, depending on how you use the drive. Preventative measures are also the best option. Try to replace your drive within this amount of time to prevent any possible data loss or unnecessary expense of data recovery.

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