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MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade

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MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade

Apple MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade

Computer Repair Issue:

Customer came in with a 2010 13″ MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro was running slow, had virus’s, the trackpad wasn’t working, and had a bad battery. Customer wanted to do a fresh install with data transfer and upgrade his hard drive with a 250GB SSD.

Initial Diagnosis:

The MacBook Pro was running super slow, the trackpad was moving on its own and not functioning properly, the MacBook had virus’s, and the battery wasn’t keeping charge for more than 1 hour.

Repair Update:

We installed a Samsung 250GB SSD, installed a new Operating System, transferred the customers data, and changed the trackpad. The MacBook Pro now runs fast, the trackpad works great, MacBook Pro is Virus Free, and has a brand new battery.

Apple MacBook Pro Repair Cost:

The upgrades to the MacBook Pro ended up costing the customer only $274.99 + Tax ($99.99 for the 250GB Samsung SSD, $30.00 for the trackpad, $85.00 for a new battery, and $60.00 for repair labor).

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