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MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working Repair

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Apple MacBook Pro 13.3” (2012) Keyboard Not Working – Repaired

Issue with Laptop:

MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working RepairCustomer called us Sunday morning about a problem he was having with the keyboard on his 2012 MacBook Pro 13.3”. He had a row of keys (“S” through “L”) that were not responsive at all.

He didn’t recall spilling any liquid on the MacBook, but said it was possible that it may have had a little bit of moisture. The rest of the MacBook was working perfectly fine, the only issue was the row of keys that were not working.

Initial Diagnosis:

MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working RepairAfter opening up the bottom of the MacBook, it was clear that there was very little liquid damage on the board (no corrosion). The water managed to damage only the keyboard without causing havoc on the logic board (phew). We removed the logic board to inspect both sides to make sure there was no corrosion that would cause damage later down the line.

During the process, we also managed to find out why the MacBook was getting very hot at times. Over time, the fans airways had become completely clogged (see attached photos).

Once we removed the backlight and got to the keyboard, it was obvious that there was a good amount of liquid that had spilled onto the keyboard and seeped into the backlight area.

Repair Update:

MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working RepairWe were able to remove the old liquid damaged keyboard and install a brand new keyboard and backlight. All the areas between the keys were also cleaned to ensure the new keyboard wouldn’t be sticky.

We also cleaned all the dust and debri that was blocking the fans airway. The MacBook should now run nice and cool.

We tested all the keys and also the illumination of the keyboard backlight. The repairs were 100% successful and the customer got his MacBook back the same day.

Total Cost of Repairs:

The repairs ended up costing $100.00 + Tax. All repairs are under warranty for 3 months.

What to do if you find yourself in this situation:

99% of the time the reason why a part or the entire keyboard on your MacBook Pro is not working is due to liquid damage. If you believe that you may have got even a little bit of liquid on your MacBook, its best to power off the laptop right away and find a Mac Repair shop that specializes in liquid damage repair. Even though the keyboard and even the entire MacBook may work fine after a liquid damage, its inevitable that it will soon stop working as the liquid starts to create corrosion on the logic board. If taken care of right away, liquid damage repair will cost you a fraction of what a new MacBook could cost.

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