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Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ Liquid Damage Repair

Computer Repair Issue:

Customer came in with a Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ with liquid damage. The MacBook Air had heavy liquid throughout the logic board to the battery.

Initial Diagnosis:

The logic board and keyboard were both damaged. We will attempt to repair the liquid damage and also replace the keyboard.

Repair Update:

We did a full [...] Continue Reading

Apple iMac Fusion Drive Upgrade

Computer Repair Issue:

Customer came in with a Late 2012 27″ iMac. The iMac had a single 128GB Flash Drive. Customer wanted to install a 3TB Drive and also create a fusion drive.

Initial Diagnosis:

The drive had a single SSD drive. We will install a 3TB drive and fuse both drives together.

Repair Update:

We installed a [...] Continue Reading

Seagate Momentus 500GB Hard Drive Data Recovery

Issue with Drive:

Customer came in with a 500GB Seagate Momentus Hard Drive. The hard drive would power on, but was not recognized by the computer. Data Recovery attempts were made with various recovery softwares, but attempts were unsuccessful.

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MacBook Pro 13.3″ (Late 2013) Wine Spill – Worth Fixing?

Customer called us at 10:00pm on Thursday night. He let us know his girlfriend was working on an important college paper when she accidentally spilled a cup of wine all over the keyboard of his MacBook Pro Retina. Luckily they turned off the MacBook right away and called us.

We headed back to the office [...] Continue Reading

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ (2012) Keyboard Backlight Not Illuminating – Reparied

Issue with Laptop:

The MacBook Pro powers on and functions properly. The only issue was that the backlight was not illuminating evenly throughout. Most of the illumination was in the center of the keyboard (please see photos).

We will open up the MacBook and take a look at whats going on inside.

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Apple iMac 27″ (2013) Broken Hinge / Stand – Repaired

Issue with the iMac:

Today we were our own customer. The hinge on our bosses 27″ iMac (Super Slim) gave out and the screen was no longer staying upright in its correct position. This is a known “faulty” design flaw by Apple, and unfortunately we had to pay to price to fix it. For the [...] Continue Reading

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 (2010) Trackpad Cracked – Repaired

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a 2010 Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop. The MacBook had a cracked trackpad which needed to be replaced. Although cracked, the trackpad was still 100% functional. We will go ahead and replace the trackpad with a new one.

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Toshiba Satellite C655D Laptop Cracked Screen – Repaired

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a Toshiba Satellite C655D laptop. He had accidentally dropped the laptop and cracked the screen. He wasn’t sure if everything else on the laptop was still working after the incident.

We will go ahead and test out all the other features and functions of the laptop before we [...] Continue Reading

Apple iMac 21.5 (2012) Stuck at Boot Screen – Repaired

Issue with iMac:

Customer came in with a 2012 Apple iMac 21.5″. The issue she was having with the iMac was that it would power on, but boot only half way and would be stuck at that screen. Occasionally it would power on, go to a screen with a circle and a line through it, [...] Continue Reading

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ (2011) OS X Update Combined Could Not be Verified

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a 2011 MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop that she had purchased from eBay. She received the laptop without an operating system installed on it. She attempted to install the operating system via the built in Recovery option, but the installation kept getting timed out with an error:

“OS X [...] Continue Reading