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Dropped Hard Drive

Dropped Drive Data RecoveryIf you have an external hard drive that you have recently dropped and the data can no longer be recognized any longer, then it is time to bring in your hard drive to Platinum Plus Services for our highly rated and affordable data recovery services.

Physical damage to a hard drive from a drop can lead to complicated issues with the internal components such as: bad heads, bad sectors, and/or damage to the enclosure which can lead to improper reading of your data and your files will no longer be accessible! If you hear strange clicking or scratching noises after you dropped your hard drive, then turn it off immediately and call the professionals at Platinum Plus Services to extract your data for you.

Our certified data recovery technicians offer FREE diagnosis of hard drives and FREE price quotes for the total costs of the repair. We highly value the trust and loyalty of our data recovery customers so please keep in mind your data will be 100% secure and important information will only be seen by the owner of the hard drive itself. Please call us at 818-272-8866 for more information about our data recovery process or to set up an appointment today.

Why Platinum?

These guys are nothing short of amazing. After being told that nothing could be done to salvage the data on my crashed hard drive I ended up here as one last resort. They immediately jumped on my issue and in a matter of minutes assured me that everything would be fine. In less than 30 minutes I could view my files. My data was recovered in a total of about 6 hours for only 200.00. I can't recommend these guys enough. M R.