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Hitachi Hard DriveDo you own a Hitachi hard drive that is no longer being recognized by your computer? Was the Hitachi hard drive damaged from physical drop, a power surge, or a firmware update that got corrupted? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then there is a large chance that the problems listed above has led to more complex issues with your hard drive such as bad heads, bad sectors, a firmware lock-out, ultimately leading to the hard drive to be unreadable by your computer.

Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturers of internal and external hard drives and if your Hitachi drive is not allowing you to access your data any longer, then its time to bring in your computer to Platinum Plus Services for data recovery services on your Hitachi hard drive.

Our certified technicians at Platinum Plus Services can provide you with a FREE diagnosis of your hard drive’s problem and a FREE price quote of how much it would cost you for our team to run data recovery services on your drive to extract all of your precious data. We want our customers having peace of mind that their damaged hard drive and important data is in the right hands, so our technicians will give you a rundown of what is going on with your drive and the steps we need to take to retrieve all of your data!

The trust and loyalty of our customers is highly valued by our team at Platinum Plus Services, and we want you to know that your data will be 100% secure and your important information will not be seen by anyone other than the owner of the hard drive itself. Please call us at 818-272-8866 for any further questions about your Hitachi hard drive.


Needed a new ssd and os installed before tomorrow morning, and although they were slammed they made sure to take care of me even staying late and doing some free diagnostic stuff for me. Will be back for any future Mac problems I have with our company MacsKevin C.