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Servicing all Mac Repair Hollywood, CA Customers!mac repair hollywood, ca

Our technicians at Platinum Plus Services strive to provide the highest quality, most affordable, and the fastest turnaround for all Mac Repairs in Hollywood. Our headquarters are located in Glendale, CA. Only a 15-20 minute drive from Hollywood, CA. If you have been looking for a trustworthy Mac repair store, look no further because at Platinum Plus Services we are here to cater to your specific needs!

At Platinum Plus Services, we value the trust of our customers and we want each and every customer feeling 100% safe and secure that the right people are repairing their computer. Our highly experienced, technicians work around the clock to provide the highest quality and affordable Mac repairs for the greater Los Angeles area, including Hollywood.

During any Mac Repair we communicate with our customers via email to provide updates about the progress of the repair. Customers can give us a call any time during business hours for any immediate questions regarding their mac repair. Our technicians are around all day to answer any questions regarding the repair or our other products and/or services.

FREE Diagnosis & FREE Quote on all Mac Repairs

Please bring in your broken Mac computer for a FREE diagnosis on the spot. Our team at Platinum Plus Services can provide you with information about what is wrong with your computer. Our team will also provide the estimated total costs of parts and labor that the repair may need. Please keep in mind this is a FREE diagnosis! You are not obligated to pay for anything unless you chose to have the repair done by our certified professionals.

Our highly trained technicians  are trained especially with liquid damage repair services for any MacBook model. Our technicians use top of the line proprietary equipment to make your computer feel like it is brand new. Please call us for more specific information about our liquid damage repair package. Examples of services includes: logic board cleaning, logic board baking, keyboard replacement/top case replacement, etc.

We also offer other MacBook repairs which include: Hard Drive Repair, Keyboard Repair, Optical Drive Replacement, Battery Replacement, Data Recovery and More. All of our prices are available on our website. In fact, our 90 Day Hassle Free Warranty backs up all repairs!