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Apple iMac Optical Drive Replacement

Apple iMac Optical Drive ReplacementThe iMac and its components are designed to outlast most of the comparative computing devices. The iMac Optical Drive or SuperDrive is one of your favorite components because of it allows you to save so many files, games, music and videos onto your Mac. Like all other components, the optical drive can develop technical problems after years of use. Nonetheless, Platinum Plus Services is one of the most reliable and reputable iMac Optical Drive Repair service providers in the industry. Our technicians can fix your drive in the fastest possible time!

Choose the iMac Specialists

Generally speaking, your iMac Optical Drive may start making strange noises; it may start hanging and the disk may get stuck, forcing you to reboot; the program on the disk may often hang the entire system; or you may not be able to insert CDs or DVDs any longer into it. When you visit our website and choose our repair services, you are placing your trust and iMac in the hands of experienced professionals who are certified to handle Apple’s computing machines.

We know Apple machines in and out, and can deal with the most inaccessible components. (Apple designs its components to be as inaccessible as possible!)

Professionalism Meets the Web Model

We are not only the experts at iMac Optical Drive Repair. Moreover, we have embraced a unique web model that allows our customers to reach us instantly, place their repair and replacement order, and get their machine (and components) repaired/replaced in the shortest-possible time. Our Online Status Tracking system gives you the edge when you want to remain on top of the status of your iMac’s optical drive/SuperDrive.

Feel free to get in touch with us by phone at (818) 272-8866 or contact us online. Highly trained Los Angeles Mac Repair technicians are here to help anytime!

Why Platinum?

I was recommended to Platinum Plus by a colleague who had an experience years ago. He couldn't vouch for their present reputations, but with my brand new Macbook Air not functioning well after a minor beer spill, I needed to do something. Living up north of Santa Barbara didn't offer much choice to me, but Vahan was patient and explained the process and pricing and sent me mailing instructions. It got there overnight and was diagnosed, repaired, and ready to be returned in a matter of hours. I got a very thorough explanation and was treated very well. When it gets back this week, if the computer is as good as their customer service I will be overjoyed. Good work guys!Bob O.