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MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage RepairDo you have an Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air that has recently been the victim of a bad liquid spill? Most customers who have spilt liquid on their Apple computer would usually set up an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar, wait in line, and then get slapped with an “Tier 4” repair quote (roughly estimating $700-$950). The Apple Genius Bar would charge the customer to get the whole top case assembly replaced. Understandably, this option does not sit well with most consumers because in most cases it is unnecessary to change the whole top case. In this case, you would need a MacBook Liquid Damage Repair!

Our Price: $300 Flat Rate Fee

(in some cases there may be additional costs for MBP Retina models that need the whole top case replaced)

Firstly, liquids such as water, tea, and coffee are not particularly acidic and tend to be the easiest and quickest to restore the Mac computer to 100% functionality. On the other hand, wine and other fruit derived liquids can pose more damaging challenges. These are due to the high level of acidity. Liquids that have high acidity tend to pose more damaging issues once it has penetrated the computer and leaked onto the logic board.

The second variable to consider is the amount of water, or liquid spilled. We have seen cases where a small amount of water can spill across the keyboard only causing a few keys to fail. In most cases, the water usually makes its way from the keyboard down through the MacBook. This affects every component it comes in contact with. Most likely after a bad liquid spill on your MacBook, the entire keyboard will stop functioning. Also, even the power button on MacBook Pro’s will be unresponsive.

MacBook Liquid Damage RepairUnfortunately with MacBook computers, the logic board is the most critical part of the computer. This area is largely unprotected from any type of liquid spill. Once the liquid damage has occurred, the water’s minerals and salts immediately begin to eat away at the metal, silicone, and fiberglass components. This process is called “corrosion” of the logic board, and if enough time passes, the damage could be irreparable. Any electricity flowing through the areas that have liquid will only speed up the corrosion. The metals will oxidize even quicker.

Important Steps to take for a MacBook Liquid Damage Repair!

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair


If the corrosion damage gets too far, then some of the metal components on the logic board will need to be repaired. They also need to be replaced by our technicians with complex soldering work. It is very important that if you have a liquid damaged MacBook that you stop using it immediately. Turn the device OFF so no more electricity is flowing through the logic board of the computer. Bring in your computer for a Macbook Liquid Damage Repair. There will be a greater chance you have of saving your MacBook. Also, you have a greater chance of restoring it back to 100% functionality. Please call us at 818-272-8866 for any further questions. We also offer a FREE diagnosis of your Apple laptop. Highly trained Los Angeles Mac Repair technicians are here to help anytime!





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