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Apple MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair

Apple MacBook Pro Logic Board RepairMost of the MacBook Pro users think that once the logic board has a problem their valued laptop is no longer operational. If you think the same way it is time you consider seeking the MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair services from Platinum Plus Services. Apple brought about a major change from the previous generations of its notebooks. They soldered the memory onto the logic board and introduced the case with proprietary pentalobe screws that discouraged disassembling with the standard tools used in the marketplace. If you are worried that the problem with your MacBook Pro’s logic board has rendered your laptop useless, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. Friendly customer service agents are available 24/7 to help with any questions you may have.

Specialized MacBook Pro Repair Services

Finding specialized MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair services near you could be a big challenge. We break the barriers by providing specialized repair and replacement services for the proprietary logic board.

There is no longer any need to worry about a non-working logic board. Our qualified and well-trained technicians have years of experience in repairing and replacing MacBook Pro Logic Boards, ensuring that you can rely on our services. We will diagnose the problem and provide you the best-possible and affordable solution. Nonetheless, you don’t have to reinvest in another expensive Apple notebook.

Responsible Repair & Replacement Services

You can contact us via e-mail, phone or even through our website, as our technicians are available online. Once you place an order for repairing your MacBook Pro Logic Board, we will assign you an order number which can be used on our “Order Status” page to track the status of your repair.

You can get in touch with us by phone at 818-272-8866 or contact us online. Highly trained Los Angeles Mac Repair technicians are here to help anytime!

Apple MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair Prices

Water Damage

mac logic board repair

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Price includes parts and labor

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How does the Money Back Guarantee work? If we aren’t able to repair your MacBook’s Logic Board or GPU, we will provide you a 100% refund (minus shipping fees if you used our Mail-In service).

Whats the likelihood my logic board can be repaired?
Depending on the type of liquid spill, amount and whether or not the computer was powered on at the time of the spill affects the likelihood of successful repairs.


Why Platinum?

I recently had an unfortunate incident that left my MacBook with liquid damage and rendered it inoperable. Randomly enough I saw an advertisement for Platinum Plus Services and decided to give them a shot. As usual with all computer repair I was naturally apprehensive of entrusting my machine to someone I had not spoken to, much less had met in person. When I gave the folks at Platinum Plus Services a call they we're friendly and were able to give me straight answers without leaving me feeling like I was getting the run around in any way. I visited the shop towards the end of the week and spoke with Vahan. He was able to show me what was going on with my machine and we went over our available options. I loved the fact that it was finished same day before the time he quoted me and I purchased an additional upgrade on top of that due to the excellent customer service. Mayauel G.