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Apple MacBook LCD Replacement

Apple Macbook LCD ReplacementApple MacBook LCD Replacement

The 1280×800-pixel glossy widescreen LCD in your MacBook is capable of delivering quality picture. The high-quality screen has been your friend for years, delivering movies, games, presentations, photos and web surfing experiences in unmatched quality, even when other brands and machines were catching up. An LCD screen has a lifespan extending over tens of thousands of hours, after which it can have many issues, from flickering to dead pixels. It is most likely that the problem occurs after the expiry of the warranty. In any case, you can rely on the specialized MacBook LCD Replacement services offered by Platinum Plus Services.

High-Quality LCD Replacement Services

You may be watching a movie or playing a game or preparing that important presentation. A defective LCD screen can affect your entertainment, entirely stall your tasks or slow down your official work. Even if a few pixels go dead it is a sign that more pixels will turn the same way. Our technicians are experts in repairing MacBook LCD’s.


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We are your Apple specialists who are available 24/7 to address all types of problems with your MacBook. If you require MacBook LCD Replacement services, you can contact us any time and our technicians will always be available. You can send us your MacBook through our simple online order process and keep a track over the status of the order. Our “mail-in service” is quick, easy and affordable.

If you notice any issues with your MacBook LCD, just send us an email at and our customer support team will guide you with the repair/replacement process. Highly trained Los Angeles Mac Repair technicians are here to help anytime!


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