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MacBook Pro Powers Off During Boot Repair

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MacBook Pro Powers Off During Boot Repair

MacBook Pro Powers Off During Boot Repair – Repaired

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a 2012 MacBook Pro 13.3”. The MacBook Pro would power on, boot to the OS half way then power off. The computer was working fine the night before, all of a sudden it stopped working with this problem.

He was certain that the laptop didn’t have any liquid damage and wasn’t dropped. We will start our full diagnosis to figure out what the issue is with the MacBook.


MacBook Pro Powers Off During Boot RepairInitial Diagnosis:

Before attempting to power it on ourselves, we first opened up the bottom of the MacBook to make sure the laptop doesn’t have any liquid damage. After carefully inspecting the logic board, it was clear that there wasn’t any liquid damage to the board.

We then powered on the MacBook to find the same problem. After testing the drive, we found that there was in issue with the drive, giving us the error message “OS X can’t repair the disk “Macintosh HD.”

MacBook Pro Powers Off During Boot RepairRepair Update:

We successfully backed up all the data, reformatted the drive and reinstalled the most recent Mac operating system. We then restored all the backed up data back on the MacBook.

Our team also ran a thorough test on the drive to make sure its not failing. Customer had his computer back the following day and was relieved that he didn’t loose any of his data.

Cost of Repairs:

Repairs ended up costing the customer only $140.00 ($60.00 flat rate repair fee + $80 data backup).

What to do if you find yourself in this situation:

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and are a little tech savvy, you could try one thing. First thing we tried in this situation was to repair the disk permissions from disk utility (please make sure to not accidentally “Erase” or “Format” the drive, as this will wipe all of your data). Sometimes repairing the disk permissions may fix the problem or other issues your drive may be having. Unfortunately in this case, that solution didn’t work and it was necessary to securely backup all the data, wipe the drive and install a new OS.

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