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MacBook Pro Powers on to Black Screen Repair

Published August 21st, 2015 in Mac Repairs, Recent Repairs | No Comments »

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a 2011 15.4” MacBook Pro. She claimed that it was working perfectly fine until the next day when she powered it on, it would chime, but the screen would stay black.

She tried multiple times to power it on with no luck.

The customer was certain that the MacBook didn’t have any liquid damage nor was it dropped. We will start a full diagnosis to find the issue.

Initial Diagnosis:

We attempted to power on the MacBook Pro to find the same issue the customer did. The MacBook would power on, chime, but the screen would stay black. We connected the laptop to an external monitor and it was working great, the only issue was that the LCD would not turn on.

We then opened the bottom of the MacBook to inspect the board. It was clear that there was liquid damage on the LCD connector and areas all around it. We will remove the logic board to see if there is any liquid damage on the other side.

MacBook Pro Powers on to Black Screen RepairRepair Update:

We successful treated the logic board for liquid damage repair. All the connectors and ports were also cleaned to ensure there wouldn’t be any more corrosion in the future.

We did a full test on the MacBook Pro and the entire machine was functioning perfectly. Although the liquid had gotten in through the keyboard, the keyboard was not damaged and we didn’t need to replace it.

Cost of Repairs:

Repairs ended up costing the customer only $300.00 (Flat Rate Liquid Damage Repair Fee). All repairs are under warranty for 90 Days.

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