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MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

Published January 12th, 2018 in Mac Repairs, Recent Repairs | Comments Off on MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Pro Keyboard Issue:

Customer came in with a Apple MacBook Pro where the keyboard wasn’t working. The keyboard on the MacBook Pro just stopped working, no previous liquid spill . In this case, this customer will need to change their keyboard.

Keyboard Replacement - MacBook Pro

Initial Diagnosis:

The keyboard was not functional. We tried to power on the computer to check  the keys, none of the keys were functional.


Repair Update:

We replaced the damaged keyboard with a brand new one.  The computer runs great, all keys work great with no issues.

MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement Cost:

The repairs ended up costing the customer only $100.00 including labor.

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