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MacBook Pro Retina Coffee Spill Repair

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MacBook Pro Retina 15.4″ (2013) Coffee Spill – Repaired

Issue with Laptop:MacBook Pro Retina Coffee Spill Repair

Customer came in with a Late 2013 MacBook Pro 15.4″ Retina laptop. While she was at work, her co-worker accidentally bumped into her and spilled a cup of coffee onto the laptop.

They tried to dry out the MacBook by placing it in rice for a few hours. Then afterwards, they placed it on top of a fan. After a few hours, they attempted to power it on with no luck.

Initial Diagnosis:MacBook Pro Retina Coffee Spill Repair

After opening up the bottom case of the MacBook, it was obvious that the coffee had gotten to the logic board. After removing the logic board, we had to inspect the bottom side of the logic board as well. 
We would also need to inspect the board under a microscope to examine the amount of damage done to the board (attached are some actual photos).


MacBook Pro Retina Coffee Spill RepairRepair Update:

We were able to successfully clean the logic board and revive it back to its original condition. Unfortunately, we also needed to replace the entire Top Case of the MacBook (aluminum body enclosing the keyboard, trackpad, battery, speakers, etc.) All the keys were sticky and the battery was no longer charging. The repairs were 100% successful. We stress tested the machine overnight. The customer was thrilled to have her laptop back in less than 48 hours.

MacBook Pro Retina Coffee Spill RepairTotal Cost of Repairs: 

The repairs ended up costing the customer $550.00 + Tax ($300 for the liquid damage repair and $250 for a new top case). All repairs are guaranteed with our warranty for 3 months.

What to do if you find yourself in this situation:

The most important thing to do when you spill coffee or any other liquid on your MacBook is to POWER IT OFF immediately. As curious as we will be to press that power button to see if the machine will start-up, we are causing a lot more damage to the MacBook than the liquid did itself. No matter how dry you believe the MacBook may be, it only takes a small drop of liquid to lead to corrosion to cause larger problems when the electricity flows through the logic board.

Call a MacBook liquid damage repair company as soon as possible and have them take a look at the board. Unless you are experienced with doing this yourself, please don’t attempt to make this a DIY project at home. Many times, the repair may be less expensive then you may think. One small mistake (breaking connector on board, static charge, etc.) may cost you three times what it would if you paid someone with experience to do it.

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