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Toshiba Laptop Cracked Screen Repair

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Toshiba Laptop Cracked Screen RepairToshiba Satellite C655D Laptop Cracked Screen – Repaired

Issue with Laptop:

Customer came in with a Toshiba Satellite C655D laptop. He had accidentally dropped the laptop and cracked the screen. He wasn’t sure if everything else on the laptop was still working after the incident.

We will go ahead and test out all the other features and functions of the laptop before we start the repairs on the screen.

Initial Diagnosis:

We connected the laptop to an external display and tested all the basic components (keyboard, trackpad, speakers, disc drive, etc). Everything was working great! We will go ahead and replace just the screen and the laptop should be like brand new.

Toshiba Satellite C655D Laptop Cracked LCD - RepairedRepair Update:

We had to special order the LCD display for the customer. We had the LCD in the next day and the repairs were done that same day. Customer had his computer back within 24 hours of dropping it off.

Total Cost of Repairs:

The repairs ended up costing the customer only $140.00 + Tax.

Breakdown of Charges:

15″ LCD Part: $80.00
Repair Labor: $60.00

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