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Western Digital My Passport Clicking

Published September 15th, 2017 in Data Recovery | Comments Off on Western Digital My Passport Clicking

Western Digital My Passport ClickingWestern Digital My Passport Clicking – Data Recovered

Data Recovery Issue

Customer was referred to us by a local computer repair shop. The hard drive had been dropped and once powered on, was making a clicking sound. We will diagnose the issue with the hard drive to determine the chances of recovery.

Initial Diagnosis

We opened the hard drive cover in our clean room and it was clear that the heads had been damaged from the drop (please see photos). In fact, one of the heads was badly mangled and most probably caused some platter damage.

We will look for a donor drive, replace the heads in our clean room and also attempt to recover the data.

Repair Update

We had the donor drive needed in our in house donor drive library. Nevertheless, the heads were replaced the same day. We retrieved 94% recovery. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to recover a 100% of the data due to the media damage caused by the damaged heads going over the platter.

Western Digital My Passport ClickingData Recovery Cost

Nonetheless, the recovery ended up costing the customer only $950.00, our Flat Rate Clean Room Data Recovery fee. This was a fraction of what the customer was quoted by other companies. The case was closed within 3 days of the drive being dropped off.

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